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Casey Mini-Moto

Photos by Mike Behrens

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The kids put the hammer down on the short track

EJ "Bubba" Stewart

Easy E

Aaron Abbott-Badilo

Arron taking the victory salute

The big kids ready to hit the track

Mikey P looking to test the soil

Mikey (First Gear) Parsons pulls the hole-shot in the first qualifier moto…

and leads the pack on the first lap

Jeff Page with Stan Richardson chasing

Jeff Page

Qualifier 2, First-turn. Dave Jacobs in 3rd, Brad Bellah 5th

This bike has a Rambler sticker on it, but not a Rambler

Jeff Richards

Yes, that's RRMC president Brad Bellah

The newest Rambler, Tommy Turbo, shot some awesome helmet cam footage of the event. Thanks Tom!

Chris Rose on the gas [elbows are up but get those feet on the pegs!]

Stan Richardson barely avoids geting t-boned in the first turn of the first semi

Jeff Page

Stan Richardson

Brad Bellah

Jeff (hard luck) Page should have made the main but… those grey pants look sharp with the new riding jerseys

Josh (t-bone) Wells on his way to the main

Ron (I'm not racing because I got to let my bobo heal) Lee

It was a sunny February day and fun was had by kids of all ages. Max Behrens-thumbs up

Riders at the line for the start of the 12 lap main

Danny Casey railed the holeshot at his own backyard track and smoked the field


Danny Casey makes it look easy.

The Ramblers would like to thank Bob and Danny Casey and all their friends, family and other riders who helped make this a great event. We're looking forward to the next one!